National Gallery of Art. Check out highlights, Tour of the week, Online Tours extend yourself into the world of art.

Noodle Tools This site automates the sometimes confusing process of creating a bibliography. Enter author, title, etc... and they take care of punctuation and produce a polish bibliography that's formatted and ready to print.

The Faces of Science African Americans in the Sciences. This site features African American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering. 

The Hunger Site Make sure you bookmark this site at home and log on everyday. Click on "donate free food" and sponsors will donate staple food for the hungry.

WWW Virtual Library-Environment  A searchable index of over 1,000 environmental resources that include issues on Biodiversity, Earth Sciences, Environmental Law, Forestry, and Oceanography.

54 practical ways you ca help the homeless. Find answers to your questions in almanacs, dictionary and Columbia Encyclopedia. This site gives study skill tips and "Chronology of the 20th century". Enter a year and see what major events took place.

How Stuff Works. Inquiring minds will like this site. Choose from categories to see hundreds of articles on how things work. How stocks work. How cell phones work, how medical school works, to name a few.

Women's International Center. The purpose of this site is to acknowledge, honor and encourage women. Living Legacy Awards celebrate women and their positive contributions to humanity. Includes words of wisdom from women and links to women's resources on the net.

Playbill Online. This website allows you to explore current issues of the Theatre and on Broadway as well as national and local events. Interviews with your favorite actors and more.

Literature Resources for the High School and College Student